Tablecloth Canvas Summer Pink and Orange


Anna’s new ‘Summer’ range of luxurious velvet cushions, throws, canvas tablecloths and accessories was inspired by the boho luxe vibe of Tangier in the Seventies. A patchwork of colourful rich hippy embroideries, ethnic chic, vintage finds and vibrant French striped deck-chair canvas, ‘Summer’ is about the joy of colour. “I lived in Tangier, Morocco for a few years just after that heady and hedonistic time and there was still a creative and exotic air to the place. It was then and still is just off the tourist track and around every corner was a feast for the eyes. It’s a place which moulded me as a designer and one I will never forget.”
Stunning ‘Summer’, in hot pinks, oranges and turquoise is available in a huge range of homewares as well as many velvet purses, bags, shoppers and much more.