The Story behind ‘Flamenco’

Showing Anna’s ‘Flamenco’ range at the Gift fair, Sydney Feb 2018.

Anna’s new exotic ‘Flamenco’ range of homewares, textiles and ceramics is one of her brightest ever. But where do her ideas come from? And how do those first scraps of inspiration evolve into a new range of over fifty different homeware products? Here’s Anna’s story:

Spanish Inspiration

“I was visiting Madrid late last year to show my husband the sights of two of my favourite cities, Toledo and Segovia. Our hotel was full of character and very Spanish. On the walls were  old Feria de Sevilla posters from years gone by, full of gorgeous Spanish flamenco dancers in colourful costumes.

Posters on the wall in our Madrid hotel

Just around the corner from the hotel was a shop selling flamenco dresses, earrings and accessories, a cave of vibrant colour.

Inside the Spanish dance costume shop in Madrid

Inspiration is around every corner in Spain.

Spanish Inspiration

My husband Michael and I set off on a walk across Spain, soaking up the inspiration, the culture, history, Architecture and of course the Spanish food.

Travelling in Spain

We were impressed by the strength of the Spanish culture. Unlike other parts of the world, Spain is still uniquely Spanish, proud of it’s identity and seemingly immune to the worst of the modern world. Fast food is nowhere to be seen. Three generations sit together each evening in the town square, enjoying life.

Walking in Spain

In some parts of rural Spain, nothing seems to have changed for hundreds of years. I loved that.

Spanish architecture

When I got back to Perth, the patterns of the Spanish shawls were still swirling in my head. That’s when I sat down in my studio and started distilling what I had seen and turning it into a tablecloth design.

Flamenco tablecloth

I always bounce new design ideas off my wonderful manager, Mirna. She has been a part of our team at ACD for over twenty years and has a sixth sense for what our customers will like. I knew from Mirna’s reaction that I should create more products for the homewares range”.

‘Flamenco’ plate and mug

Anna’s new ‘Flamenco’ range now includes a stunning floral velvet throw and cushions, vibrant beach towel, colourful velvet purses and bags, unique fold-up shopping bags, exotic table runner, matching mugs, plates and placemats, with more products to come. The whole ‘Flamenco’ range will be in store by the end of March. A complimentary range to ‘Flamenco’ is the new ‘Pink Embroidery’ range.



Where does the inspiration start?

Our customers often ask “Where does Anna get her inspiration?” In the case of ‘Spanish Tile’, it took a walk of 850km across the North of Spain which started Anna thinking about a new Blue and White design to add to her successful range of homewares products.

‘Spanish Tile’ inspired by walking the Camino.

Of all the countries in the world, no country has influenced Anna’s designs more than Spain. Anna and her husband travel to Spain regularly, where they like to walk the ancient pilgrim routes between timeless old villages. Along the way, Anna draws inspiration for her textile and ceramic designs from this beautiful and vibrant culture. ‘Spanish Tile’ is influenced by the classic Blue and White of the tiles which adorn the village squares, houses and fountains of Old Spain.

Anna’s other blue designs, ‘Fes Blue’ and ‘Patchwork Blue’ are timeless classics, still as popular as when they were first launched, and ‘Spanish Tile’ is designed to mix and match with these two other designs. Click here for all the mix and match classic Blue and White products.

Spanish Tile velvet cushions.

‘Spanish Tile’ is available in a large easy care canvas tablecloth measuring 140x250cm, as well as a range of soft luxurious and fully reversible velvet cushions. A velvet throw, also reversible, can be flipped for an instant change of look.Bags, purses, tea towel, runner are also available.