Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I buy Anna’s designs?

To find your nearest shop a list of agents for each state is available here. Your agent will advise the shop nearest to you. If you are unable to contact your agent you can contact us here.



I bought an item, can I swap?

It depends on the policy of the retailer that you bought it from. You need to check with them before purchasing. If you buy it directly from us and bring it back to our shop in Perth at your own expense and if there is no damage then, in most cases we will allow a swap depending on stock availability. You will need to have your receipt. Our full returns policy is detailed here.


Where is your shop and what are your opening hours?

For a list of all our retail outlets and opening hours, please see this page.

Do you sell gift vouchers?

Yes we sell gift vouchers.  They can only be redeemed in our O’Connor outlet.


Do I order direct or via an agent?

We encourage all our retailers to order through their local agent as each agent will be able to provide retailers with more up-to-date local knowledge – click here for a list of our national and international agents. If for some reason you cannot get hold of the agent you can always contact us here. The agent will receive commission whether the order comes direct or via them.


What are you normal trading terms?

Our normal trading terms are Pro Forma (you send us the payment before we ship the goods) for the first order. For the second order you need to post us a fully completed original credit application form and if credit is subsequently approved then the terms can changed to a 30 day account. A 30 day account in this context means – 30 days from date of invoice.

When will I receive my order?

Our courier Border Express sends email with tracking number on the day your order is shipped.

Australia post tracking number will also be emailed to you if your order is going to PO BOX.

Can I add to my order?

Yes you can. Best to email  your additions or changes to head office as soon as possible.


Will my shop have exclusive supply of Anna’s products?

Yes, due to the distinctive nature of our product and at the request of retailers, our policy is to stock one good outlet per post code on an exclusive basis. Occasionally, where there are two shops near to each other, the first shop (existing customer of ours) is happy to handle only part of the range. In this case we are happy to supply the other part of the range to the second shop. Obviously the first shop will always have first priority in these situations.

My order has arrived and a piece is missing, broken or not what I ordered, what do I do?

Contact Head office as soon as possible so we can rectify the situation. If the item is broken then please email us a pic of the damage and we can then send you a credit note or replacement. If you cannot send a pic then keep the item for the agent to sight.

It’s my second order, why am I still on pro forma?

You may still be on Pro forma because we have not yet received you fully completed original application form.


I have applied for wholesale access on you website a few days ago and have not been given an access code yet?

This process normally takes a few days but can take a while longer. We have to send your details to our agent who then contacts you before getting back to us with the approval so please be patient. If there is already an existing stockist in your area then we send you an email saying that we are currently unable to supply but that you will be on the list of people to contact should the situation change in the future.

When I ordered on your website there is no money taken from my credit card?

This will be done on the day of shipping.

What will be the cost of freight?

Wholesale orders ; This depends completely on the size of the order as there are fixed charges for each consignment. To minimise the cost of freight per item it is best to place a large order and that way the freight bill gets spread across a large number of items and is therefore smaller per item. If you are concerned about the cost of freight it is best to email us on for a quick quote.

Retails orders; Flat rate of $15 and free delivery for orders over $200

Further Help

Couldn’t find the information you were after here? Our friendly staff will be able to help you out with any enquiry you might have, check out our contact information here or submit the form below.